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Business Travel Rebounds


business travel apr 2014With some improvement in the job market and corporate earnings heading in the right direction, business travel appears to be back in business.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, spending on business travel by U.S. companies will increase 7.1% to $293.3 billion this year.

“The outlook for businesses is really strong, and the job numbers keep getting stronger. If you see strong numbers here, that likely means good things for the U.S. economy for the rest of the year,” said Mike McCormick, GBTA’s executive director and COO.

It appears international travel is behind the surge in business travel this year – suggesting that companies are looking for opportunities anywhere they can in a global economy.

Business travel is certainly an anticipated expense for most companies, however, there are ways to keep costs down while still doing business. For example:

Videoconferencing: In lieu of traveling, ask yourself if you could be just as productive using a videoconferencing studio. Shared space providers have this technology and each party could drop-in to a center for a meeting, eliminating costly travel expenses.

Web conferencing: Is a great way to collaborate. Meeting attendees can edit and share documents.

Traditional conference call: Sometimes a phone call is all that’s needed to move a project forward.

These virtual style meeting will save you money, time and will reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Are you spending more on business travel this year?  Let us know. 

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How OfficeLinks Can Take Your Business to the 21st Century


Businesses thrive with OfficeLinks. As of 2012, 48% of our clients plan to tap into new markets and 60% are planning to expand in 2013.

Flexible workspace is the viable alternative to your neighborhood coffee shop for the on-the-go professional. We offer competitively priced, modern, stylish, flexible office space tailored to your personality and brand, nestled within an influential and supportive community of collaborators and trailblazers. You’ll have the convenience of an office space outside of your main hub with access to multiple locations in Chicago and New York. Each of our locations is as unique as the neighborhood it’s located in, and provides you the OfficeLinks unparalleled standard of excellence that you will come to expect and trust:

  • Each office offers modern, professional meeting spaces in prime Manhattan and Chicago neighborhoods.
  • Amenities for you and your guests that complement your brand and your impeccable style: plush leather sofas, premium beverage choices including Starbucks coffee, Tazo tea and filtered water Plus access to the news on a flat screen and connection to cloud networks and email using our free wireless connection. 
  • Meticulous and sleek atmosphere, such as catering, fresh cut flowers, and peppermint scented air. 
  • A strong sense of community (fellow OfficeLinks clients and staff). There is a synergy among everyone in the community; everyone is committed to elevating others. The staff is seen as your partner, not your employees. For example, they will follow your via social networks and help to spread your message to other interested parties.

Your time is a precious commodity, and no one understands this better than us. Unlike traditional offices, we can have your business up and running in a matter of hours or days, not weeks and months.

quote graphic resized 600

Plus, OfficeLinks appeals to the visionary, the tech savvy, the community-minded professional who appreciates the value of cost-effective office space and working within thriving community of like-minded innovative professionals. At OfficeLinks, it’s not just about making a profit; we want to be a partner in your success. But we don’t allow just anyone into our exclusive community. There is a five step application process to determine if you’re a good fit for OfficeLinks.

If you’re willing to take your business to the next level, we strongly encourage you to fill out our application today, or call one of our many locations and speak with a representative.

If you'd like more information and hints on how you can take your business to the 21st century, download our eBook:


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Searching for Office Space


describe the imageIt’s not a decision that should be made in haste or because it’s such a “good deal.” Securing office space is one of the biggest investments your business will make. Take careful consideration before you sign a lease to determine what’s in your company’s best interest and budget. For businesses that have outgrown the home office and are ready to graduate to a more professional setting, traditional office space comes with significant overhead expenses like fit-out costs, maintenance and technology infrastructure.

Shared workspaces deliver a turnkey environment with no upfront capital expenses. Unlike traditional space, these business hubs are furnished, staffed and plug-and-play ready.

Consider these factors as your hunt for space:

Location: Where you work says a lot about your business. Consider the image you want to project for your business and make sure your office space complements your company style.  Also, is it convenient for customers to get to? Does it have good access to transportation centers?

Scale: Do you think you will need more space in the near future? Are you taking on too much space now? Being able to ramp up and down quickly will give your business a competitive advantage. Does the existing infrastructure support your needs? Will you need to make capital investments to improve the space?

Terms: Do the terms of the agreement benefit you or the landlord? Is this the best way to spend company dollars?

For businesses that don’t need a sprawling corporate campus, shared workspaces are a solid option. Not only are they affordable but they also increase your networking opportunities. 

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The Difference You Can See


For most companies, “the facility” represents the second largest fixed line item. One of the many benefits of renting a flexible workspace is that there is no up-front capital expenditure so money remains in the pocket of the business owner and on-going costs are significantly reduced.

But don’t just take our word for it. The below comparison chart will allow you to see just how cost-effective a collaborative workspace can be on your budget:

comparison chart graphic

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”— Tony Robbins

For more information on the importance of the choosing the right office space, download our eBook:


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The Pitfalls of Working from Home


work from home 4.14For many office workers, today’s technology makes it possible to do their job from wherever they want – including home. There are the envious and obvious perks – no commute, no dress code and no office distractions. On the flip side, the pitfalls of working from home can sometimes outweigh the benefits. First and foremost, you need to be wired with the mental hardware and discipline to stay focused on work.   

For entrepreneurs, small businesses and mobile workers who don’t need office space all the time, a shared work environment offers terms that make it an affordable alternative to working from the local coffee shop. One blogger working out of a co-working space conducted an unscientific poll of home-based professionals to find out why they ditched their home office and ventured into a shared space facility. Here’s what she found:

Isolation is maddening: The absence of office friends, socializing and collaborating was awful.  The office provides a platform for connecting. Working from home some of the time is great as long as you have a place you can visit for the human connections you crave.

Home distractions impact productivity: Even when you are working from home you can be unproductive. Think about all the times you’ve done laundry, watched TV or were interrupted by family members or friends.

Lack of structure during the day: What are you doing with all the time you saved by eliminating your commute?  Are you getting your work done sooner? Are you taking on new challenges?  Some who work from home toss out their office routines and fall into the trap of malaise. Make sure you create and stick to a routine no matter where you are working. 

Where do you work best? Let us know.

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Today's Professionals and the Current Office Space Model


Like Steve Job’s said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Today’s professionals are no longer the corporate “desk jockeys” slaving away in front of their PC for 10-14 hours a day. They’re on-the-go, business professionals who desire flexible, high-end, cost-effective workspaces that will help their businesses thrive.

So, where does that leave the current office space model?

Most of today’s offices simply aren’t designed to suit the needs of contemporary professionals.

Modern professionals run their businesses off of laptops and sync to tablets and mobile phones via a cloud network for easy, on-the-go access. The cloud network is not a passing trend; it’s cloud graphica tool that many individuals and companies use in their businesses.

Wi-Fi is also not always a standard feature in traditional office space, and it can be costly to install. In addition to Wi-Fi, many individuals require other amenities to run their businesses day-to-day:

  • The flexibility of working from multiple locations with different layouts. 
  • The convenience of paying for space on a need-only basis.
  • A professional office space that is modern, practical and exudes class and sophistication (in order to impress their clients), without breaking the bank.

Traditional office spaces, on the other hand, come with their own set of limitations:

  • One location with a fixed layout. 
  • There may or may not be a wireless connection. Often employees need to plug into a wired LAN network and therefore, can only conduct business in front of a computer.
  • The space itself is professional, but monthly rent is fixed and the price can be steep. The lease is inflexible and the same price is paid per month regardless of how often the space is used.

mobile workers graphicTraditional office space is no longer the only arena in which to conduct business. Professionals are more mobile than ever before, and need the flexibility to work from different locations outside of their main office.

For more information on what today’s successful professionals are looking for in office space, download our eBook.


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A Balanced Work Environment


open office space mar 2014There’s a proper time and place for everything. Collaborating with co-workers in an open space for an hour is certainly beneficial. However, working in an open setting for hours on end that is riddled with distractions is proving to hamper employee productivity.

A number of studies are concluding that workers are less satisfied, less productive and unhappy in an open space environment. Given the data, it will be interesting to follow the success of Facebook’s anticipated 435,000 square foot office building in Menlo Park, Calif. that will be filled with office perks, including rooftop parks, barbecue areas and “the largest open office space in the world,” according to The Daily Mail.

Simply put, having the freedom to drop in and out different work environments is really the ideal arrangement.

Shared space providers purposely design their locations to include a mix of spaces that can be used on demand for any amount of time. Sometimes hunkering down in an office with the door closed is what you need to complete a project.

While at other times gathering everyone around one table to bat around ideas can quickly resolve a problem or spark a new idea. Where you work really depends on the day, your project and what you need to accomplish. 

Where do you like to work?  Let us know. 

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The 21st Century Office vs. The Office of the Past


Enter the 21st century and Collaborative Spaces. Today there are collaborative workspaces that allow you to save money compared with renting traditional space. However, saving you money is not the only benefit to using collaborative space. There are four additional benefits to using shared workspaces:

1. First impressions speak volumes

Flexible workspaces with a modern ambiance, like what is offered with OfficeLinks, are an extension of your company brand and of you. When you are meeting with your clients this is sure to leave a positive impression on your clients.

2. Multiple locations means you’ll always have an office close to you and your clients

If Sebastian had used a flexible office provider, he could have scheduled meetings at three different office locations in advance. Not only would he have looked uber professional, but each of his clients would have felt comfortable conducting business in their preferred neighborhood, resulting in three very pleasant meetings. If he wanted to cut down on commuting time, he could have picked an office central to all three neighborhoods.

3. Spend less money on rent and more on growth

You can invest the money you save with a collaborative office space into growing your company. Do you need additional workers to help with your business, thinking of offering additional services? Paying for cost-effective office space allows you to simultaneously expand your business while conducting business day-to-day.

4. Build a network of like-minded professionals on a budget

Shared workspace providers often encourage their clients to network with each other in order to build a strong community of savvy, edgy professionals. In this way, the company can help their clients to thrive among each other for short and long-term benefits.

For more information on the 21st Century Office, download the OfficeLinks eBook.



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Controlling Costs in NYC


NYC March 2014Property and people are the two biggest expenses for most businesses. Now factor in the high cost of doing business in New York City and you can see why some companies are cautious about making future growth investments.  

As businesses grow, their property needs change and many find themselves committed to traditional office space that no longer suits their needs.  As they look to move to accommodate an increase in headcount they are stunned at the rising commercial rents across the city.  

This is a classic mistake that many businesses continue to make.  Had they considered a shared work environment they would have the luxury of scalability, flexible lease terms and on-site amenities they probably don’t have in their own space.

A recent TD Bank survey revealed that 67 percent of New York City owners cited the rising cost of doing business was one of their top concerns. “Either rent is going up or wages are going up,” said Jay DesMarteau, TD Bank’s head of small business.

There are affordable and risk-free ways of running a business in New York City. Shared space providers can offer office space, meeting rooms and support services tailored to the any business’ requirements. Our clients enjoy some of the city’s most prestigious addresses, they are holding on to more capital and are focusing their efforts on growth and not their office space.   


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Virtual Office Basics


virtual office march 2014Many of our customers benefit from our top business addresses in New York and Chicago without committing to a physical office. Instead, they have a virtual office  and it gives their business the image, prestige and credibility they need to compete with businesses of all sizes. But how does it work?

Most virtual office customers work remotely yet have access to meeting rooms and private offices, on-demand.

Having a virtual office allows you to:

Make the right impression: To present the best image to your customers, you don’t want to use your home address. Using a high-profile business address gives your company a more polished look. You can work from home and still have access to the space for client meetings.

Customize your workspace needs: It’s easy to add services as your business needs evolve. Some companies use it just to have a business address, a local telephone number and a receptionist to answer calls in the company's name. Others add on to those services to include access to co-working spaces and conference rooms.

Test new markets: You can establish a virtual office anywhere in the world so that your business can have an immediate local presence. You can use this address on your website and business cards. It's a cost-effective way to introduce your services or products to new customers. 

Consider how using a virtual office could give a boost to your business. 


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